Kiri's Creation

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Project Name: Kiri's Creation
Client: Kiri's Creation
Year: 2019


Kiri's Creation is an online shop where the Cambodian diaspora in the United States can get tradtional clothing for kids or the family. They also provide custom designs. The client needed an ecommerce website.


The personas were inspired by the client's current customers, mothers with young kids who are part of the Cambodian community in the United States.

Persona 1
Persona 1
Persona 2
Persona 2

Style Guide

The style guide was inspired by the company's values - helping its customers and their family connect to Khmer culture through clothing.

Kiri's Creation Style Guide, page 1
Persona 1
Kiri's Creation Style Guide, page 2
Persona 2

Information Architecture and Interaction Diagram

The information architecture was designed for the best online shopping experience. The interaction diagram was created for the check out process.

Kiri's Creation Information Architecture
Information Architecture Diagram
Kiri's Creation Interatcion Diagram
Interaction Diagram

Wireframes and Visual Designs

Ecommerce sites have a lot of content on them so it's important that the hierarchy is clear so users can easily find what they are shopping for. The wireframes and visual deisgns do this by using website conventions.

Kiri's Creation Wireframe
Kiri's Creation Visual Design
Visual Designs