Seattle Family of Multiples

Seattle Family of Multiples Website on different screen sizes

Project Name: Seattle Family of Multiples
Client: Seattle Family of Multiples
Year: 2018


Seattle Family of Multiples (SFOM) is an organization that supports families expecting twins, triplets, and more. The main users are new parents or parents expecting multiples for the first time. They have a WordPress powered website.

Information Architecture

The site had information about the same topic scattered throughout the website so it was hard to find the correct information quickly. I started off the redesign process by using both top down and bottom up strategies to see if I could structure the site in a more efficient manner.

Top Down Diagram
Top Down Diagram
Bottom Up Diagram
Bottom Up Diagram


I took popular topics users would look for and added images with links to the home page so they could be spotted quickly. Along with that, I added links in the footer so users wouldn’t have to scroll up for the nav bar.

Color Scheme

I utilized the logo’s color scheme, specifically the blue, and incorporated it into the website. The orange would be too distracting in large quantities as well as hard to read.

Homepage Wireframe
Homepage Wireframe

After the redesign, users can easily and quickly navigate to the information they needed.